Stronghold Master Carpenter Case


  • Leather
  • Function Engineered for the Modern Builder
  • All leather main body for maximum quality and durability
  • Features a water resistant rubber base
  • Made in UK

Stronghold Master Carpenter Case

If you’re a master of your trade, you have the tools to prove it. And when your tools are this organized and protected, they’re going to last longer than ever. Our Stronghold Master Carpenter Case features 45 pockets and tool holders for all of your favorite tools. Our design keeps them safe and sound with upright storage for quick access. It’s an industrial work of art.Crafted for your tools, the Stronghold Master Carpenter Case is now available in 6 colors to match any tradesman’s tool box. It features a distressed leather handle, handles can be removed to accommodate other tools, including a driver square and wrench set. The compact size of this case allows you to quickly retrieve your tools on the job site. Also includes three removable sections and six divider pockets to help organize your tools and accessories. A large zipper storage bag on the side provides storage for small items such as bits, fasteners, etc., while the interior compartment has four molded pockets keeping items organized. With a rubber base to ensure stability, it can also be carried over rough terrain yet will stand up against heavy use.

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