Our IronMouth leather shoulder strap provides durability and comfort. Made with bridle leather and an adjustable shoulder pad, the leather shoulder strap adds a level of elegance to our IronMouth Carry bags. High quality swivel steel clips provide ease of removal and movement while traveling, and it can be detached in seconds for storage inside your bag.


Our Leather Shoulder Strap is the perfect addition to your Bigger Carry-On suitcase. With a snap buckle fastening, it is easy to remove and take on the go. It can be adjusted to fit any size traveler perfectly, ensuring ease of use while packing and unpacking. Made with TSA certified locks, its sturdy construction will last you trip after trip.Travel easier with our Leather Shoulder Strap. It’s easy to snap on and off and is extremely durable. Whether you’re going hiking or sprinting to your gate, our strap will keep up with you. It is a versatile and stylish leather strap, with an adjustable length that can be worn crossbody or over the shoulder. A beautiful addition to your day-to-day, it’s also perfect for long nights on the town.It is handcrafted in Berlin, Germany, and is the perfect addition to your new bag.

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Here at Leather Manufacturers UK, we make purchasing a product easier. We are a manufacturer that can create a selling product for your retail business. We specialize in Leather Shoulder Straps along with much more custom products.If you are looking for a high quality leather strap, you have come to the right place. All of our straps have been expertly hand made by our in-house craftsman (a perfectionist!) using only the highest quality materials. We supply guitarists worldwide and we offer FREE SHIPPING on all UK orders. Our shoulder straps are made from luxurious soft touch, fully lined nylon backing with a suede finish. It comes with a stylish metal buckle with stud fastening. The shoulder pad has five adjustment holes so you can get your perfect height!

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Our aim is straightforward – we want you to be  happy .We will give the best price for our customer Our lots of customers are  100% satisfied on our pricing. We never charges any extra prices on any product and also we give free shipping in Uk and Usa.

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